Risk Exposure Test

Hein Jonker

Editor & Chief Instructor of Bike Talk SA

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  1. Douglas Norval says:

    Add questions with regards distances travelled, no/illegal number plates, pillion often

    • Hein Jonker says:

      Longs Distance not Stopping Often…Yes, but no/illegal plates is not a risk of accident. Thanks Douglas!

      • Bludlust says:

        Surveys such as these get more accurate the deeper the data goes. Risk Profiling with limited data becomes assumption, but is generally accurate. For instance… If you were to profile a dentist on a kitted out adventure bike vs a panelbeater on a highly-modified superbike, you would probably find that many more of the latter die on the road. It therefore stands to reason then, that those with no numberplates have a minimised sense of responsibility – and therefore are at higher risk, and those that ‘follow the rules’ in a responsible manner will survive a lot longer.

        Motorcyclists vs bikers….

  2. Hans Knop says:

    Very interesting…..! ! !

  3. Johnny says:

    Med aid and bike insurance?

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