Thanks again for your time yesterday! The knowledge, confidence and skills I acquired helped me so much with the larger bike; I was nervous at the thought of attempting to ride it but I was pulling off U-Turns in the confined Honda dealership parking that afternoon.

I read the “Physics of Speed” article whilst waiting for my lift and again I was so glad I attended this course, your techniques literally halved my emergency stopping distance. I’ll definitely be back again for more of your courses – JARRED

My sincere thanks to you and your wife for the outstanding course. What an incredible experience! I really feel both fortunate and privileged to have been tutored by you – ROD

I really want to thank you for yesterday, it was a challenge but I will work hard to achieve my goal and pass this sucker. I know that I am hard work but I am so passionate about everything that I do and never want to let anyone down. Your help was the best thing I did and am grateful for you patience. The big challenge is getting through the real thing which I am more confident to do now than before – SHANE

Ek voel dat ek vir jou moet terug skryf. Ek ry al baie jare motorfiets. Eish… meer as 20 Jaar. Gemiddeld ry ek 12 000 tot 14 000 Kilos per jaar. So ek het baie “ondervinding” van alle tipes ry. Stad, dorp, lang pad, Bergpasse…. Maar juis daarin is die gevaar. Mens raak mak. Vat kanse. Ek is baie skuldig aan sekere dinge (Ek ry al my 2de Busa 94 000kilos en 32 000Kilos…. so jy kan raai)

Dankie Vader ek was nog nooit in ‘n motorfiets ongeluk nie.  Genade van Bo. O ja. Maar ek wil jou vandag bedank. Uit my hart uit. Elke nuusbrief van jou is insiggewend. Elke keer kan ek iets positief daaruit neem en daagliks toepas. Ek glo dit maak ‘n verskil, vir my en vir ander. Iemand daar buite word gespaar deur dit wat jy skryf. Ek belowe jou, weet dit, hou so aan – PIETER

Thank you once again for everything you did for Tania, you are an amazing person and an awesome instructor! – RICHARD

Just thought I would like to send you an email, to thank you for the excellent training skills you presented to us for the Course we attended. I did exactly what you taught us on the course, and passed my bike license with ease.  It took a merely 18 minutes and I was done as I knew exactly what to do. The test instructor was easy going and explained everything before I started. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to take the bike license to attend your course first, as you definitely won’t be in for any surprises on the test day, and will help with the uneasiness. Once again it was great working with you and enjoyed your humor on our course day – ISHAL

Just would like to thank you and Bike Talk for the good work you and your team are doing. I did your license course last month and passed my license test today at Verulam Testing ground. I had a very pleasant examiner by the name of Mrs. Govender; she was very clear with her instructions and examined my test with conviction. Thank you for all your training and guidance, realy appreciate it – RENE

Baie dankie vir die lesse! Ek het heelwat geleer en hou my kop op. Ek is baie bly dat ek die kursus bygewoon het. Daar was goed wat ek bang was om te doen, maar jou kursus het my deur dit gebring en was baie goed. Ek sien uit om nog kursusse by te woon – BAREND

Hein I just wanted to give my two cents worth about the LRC training course I did this morning. Damian was fantastic, well spoken in his course/obstacle descriptions, knowledgeable in preemption of faults, answered every question extremely well and put in thorough time to each and every rider after each practice run. I definitely feel more confident going into the test and look forward to acing it next week – TIM

A very big thank you to you and your family for all the training, food and photos. We learnt lots and got to feel our limits on the Advanced Rider Course! – TONY & ANGELA (Steelwings Ladysmith)

Just a short note to say thank you very much for all your help with getting my license.  Thanks for your patience, going the extra mile after normal lessons were over, all the advice you gave me, etc.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  And I truly believe HE uses you in a big way. Getting my bike license was not just a need but a deep desire of my heart – KEITH

I just wanted to compliment you on your instructor Damian. He is an excellent teacher and instructor, and probably a better teacher than any of my teachers I had at school. Haha – MICKY

Thank you for giving up your holiday to teach us these skills; it’s been a long time since I had so much fun. I will be back for more – CARA

Awesome. It was fun yet very informative. My first experience on a bike ever but it took me two laps to get my balance on the bike. That’s how powerful Hein is. All I had to do was listen and follow instructions. Excellent training – JABULANI

Your training has made a world of difference. This morning I took a short distance trip of 15kms with ease. Balance is on point. Thanks a lot – SIMO

Thank you for the best training you make learning how to ride fun and enjoyable, hoping to see you soon for my next training – MONDLI

Your whole set-up is very professional. Many thanks – ALAN

Thank you for making my team a winning Team it’s great to see the smiles of success. Those that Fail will continue to succeed. I will call you to set up for the balance of the Team. Once again Hein it’s a Pleasure dealing with you – AMAR (Pack n Stack)

Passed my test this morning with no issues.  Nailed everything on first attempt. Would not have been able to do it without the training you provide – SEAN

Dear Hein, thank-you very, very much. Thank-you for taking such care with our Harambees and for your dedication, we appreciate you – MARY-ANN

My sincere thanks for the intro to Hein as my session with him was spot on and a great reassurance after two decades away from biking and despite his grumpy phone manner he’s okay 🙂  I’ll be going back down to see him and have further coaching once the first run in/service has been done and I’ve clocked up 1000ks – JAMES

Thank you for a fantastic course. I really appreciate you and Adrian’s professionalism and the knowledge you shared with us during the course. One can see that you really passionate about motorcycles – GARY

Baie dankie vir die deeglike manier waarop jy vandag se kursus aangebied het.  Dis hoogs professioneel en van uitstaande gehalte! Ek hoop ek kan vir jou suksesvolle resultate huistoe bring! Groetnis – CHRIS

It is us that must thank you. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. I know I left PMB a better rider than when I arrived this morning. Riding home I was a lot more confident.  My only problem was that my left forearm was so lame after the days exercises that I could not pull the clutch in properly…so I struggled a little (I’m an old man, you know).  There was a little drizzle but that was fine (I know there are products that help with rain drop displacement and I must invest in something like that – but using my left hand to wipe away was easy after our exercise using one hand around the track.  Even the traffic did not bother me as much. Again, Hein…thank you very much. And please thank your family for me as well. You are truly blessed – KEITH

Thank you for a most enjoyable day. Each time I attend one of your courses I’m amazed at how little I know about riding motorbikes and how much you do know. I find them most informative and come away with really good ideas and information to make my riding safer and more enjoyable. Please also thank your family for giving up their time to make our day so successful. Keep well. Until the next course – GRAHAM

Thank you for a wonderful and exciting introduction into the wonderful world of riding a motorcycle. You are an excellent trainer/mentor and I truly learnt so much today. I will be sure to come through to see you for some more tasty sarmies in the future. God bless you and the family – ANDREW

Many thanks to you and your team for the wonderful experience I had on the beginner’s course I attended. It was fun and interesting and I’m really glad I took the opportunity to do so – BILAL

I took my test today and I passed. Because of your honest opinion I knew I had to work twice as hard and to make sure I excel on everything I could do well. So I thank you for your great training and patience with me. I promise you I am not that had and stupid student to teach, but that day was just not my day, I don’t know where my listening skills were. Never doubt your service to us – MONDE

I did a rider’s prep course for my bike license about 5 weeks ago with you. Went and booked at Rossburgh about a week later as you suggested, and went today for the test. Pleased to say it went very well and didn’t have any issues with any exercises. The prep that you did with us was a perfect dress rehearsal and there were no surprises at all. Highly recommended for someone wanting to do their motorbike license test. Hope to see you in the future for another course so that I can further hone my skills – ARTHUR

I wish to thank you for spending time with me on the LRC course, had I not done so, I think I would have found my Riders License very difficult. Immediately after the course I went to Rossburgh Test grounds and applied for my license .I was booked and went there with my LRC course with you in mind, and I passed first time. Once again thank you – COLIN

Hein en span. Dankie vir ‘n baie leersame en “so baie om in te neem” “training”.  Gee asseblief my dank aan jou vrou vir die lekker verversing,  sien julle een van die dae hopelik !!! – SUE

Oh yes. Done without a problem. I passed the test. 🙂 Of course it wouldn’t possible if I did not go for lessons. Hein, your exercises really make coming here look like a waste of time. :))) That’s only if one keeps what is learnt on the head, stay cool and do this.

Today’s classes also helped me with speed control. Bike Talk. Bike Talk. Bike Talk – LINDELANIE

Be it a Cruiser or lighter more conventional first time bike acquisition. Trying to teach yourself to ride is at best risky. Rather put yourself in the hands of EXPERT EXPERIENCED and TRUSTWORTHY hands-on tuition as recommended by BIKE TALK. Guaranteed you will NOT regret the decision. Failure to do so is UNWISE. I’ve been riding bikes for 60 years am 75 years old and happen to know the quality and integrity of HEIN’s method of rider coaching… IT WORKS – TREVOR

Credit where credit is due… Thank you SO much for sharing some of your knowledge on riding, with me. It’s already meant SO much to me on the road. Every single thing…it all comes back when I’m riding. Thank you for your time, patience and dedication to safety – ANRIA

Thank you for teaching so well and making it fun and not stressful; was a brilliant day. Thank you Hein – TARYN.

On behalf of all the 100s Riders, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your family for taking time to come and spend a day with us training the “Young Riders”.  Your further donation of R440 to our Road Safety kitty is also greatly appreciated.

It is rare that in today’s times we get people of your caliber, that have the heart and willingness to give and not take anything in return, you are truly an icon in our community, again thank you my good friend. All the participants learned a great deal of very necessary skills which can only benefit them while riding on our increasingly hazardous roads, if only we could extend this knowledge to the people who drive cars recklessly and without thought to other road users. Thanks again for your commitment to biking and the biking community – MINNESH, 100’s RIDERS – PMB

I would just like to say another big thank you to yourself and Adriaan for the training that you did at Hesketh on Saturday. The course was very informative, helpful and a lot of fun as well – I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to do more courses with you in the future – RORY

Just wanted to say thank you for the training last Friday. I learnt a great deal. I am also grateful for all the effort that you both put in to the rider academy. In addition to providing excellent rider skills and bringing our attention to a common sense approach to riding safe, you guys exceed what’s required by providing us with coffee, muffins, sandwiches and drinks! Thank you for being gracious and exceeding expectations. I pray that God would bless you both as you continue to manifest His kingdom in the world. Truly you guys have set a high standard, and your popularity and sponsorships are proof of His divine grace and blessing. It was a pleasure to have met you both and hope to see you guys at the next ARC, my skills permitting – ALASTAIR

I passed my test yesterday, and can’t wait to get my grubby paws on a Fireblade. Thanks Hein and please thank Sarge. Tell Sarge, I got my left turn right. I must admit, the examiner at Verulam was really cool; an improvement on what they used to be. He made me feel very comfortable and the lack of nervousness helped a great deal. I would recommend anyone to go to Verulam for testing

Thanks again Hein, you have played a huge part in my journey and it continues to be a brilliant one – FAIZEL

Hein, baie dankie, ek het baie geleer vandag op die Skills Kursus, jy was great met ons – BEYERS

Ek wil net weereens vir jou en jou span uit my hart baie dankie sê. Ek het so baie geleer op die Skills Kursus, en dankie vir jou geduld – JOHAN

It is us that must thank you for sharing your expertise with us.  In hindsight, so many things could have gone wrong.  But I think your calm yet firm approach guided us novices through the day.  It was definitely one of those experiences I will remember for the rest of my life.  I will be sharing the pics with the entire family. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more to learn from you.  I will definitely be back for more when I can make it to Toti again. I am by no means an expert bike rider, but will be able to ride my Baby with a little more confidence now – KEITH

Hein ek wil net weereens vir jou en jou span baie dankie sê. Ek het die Advance Kursus baie intresant gevind en vreeslik baie geleer, en ek dink die reën was ‘n ekstra bonus – ek het meer self vertroue opgedoen. Ek het Sondag saam met die ouens gery op die breakfast run, toe kon ek sommer dit wat ek by jou geleer het implimenteer – JOHAN

It was honestly an absolute pleasure. Your passion for bikes and professionalism are very inspiring. I will definitely see you for all your courses and even private sessions. I want to become very, very good before I venture onto the roads – ISMAIL

Just to let you know that I had so much fun and cannot believe how much we achieved in a day.  I was really excited about learning to ride and getting into the whole “biking” scene and now that I can actually get on a bike, start it, ride it AND go around corners, I am absolutely obsessed. Thank you again. You guys are the best – DAWN

Thank you very much for the course.  It was very professional and friendly.  I will make the next booking this afternoon. I would also like to thank your wife for the delicious food she prepared for us. Thanks and see you next time – WELCOME

Hi Hein, thank you for the training, I already went for my first ride and it’s amazing to see and feel the confidence I gained today, I am taking it easy till I become more experienced. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to book for my intermediate training – CLAUDE

To you Hein and Alastair, my sincere THANK you and gratitude to you both. It was money well spent and a day to remember.

Alastair aka Sarge, was awesome, being a BULL’s support nog’al. Thank you guys so much for great programme based on honesty, integrity and good sense of responsibility to the public/motorcycle riders. It’s the first time I have been for this training, and I wish I had done it sooner. I will certainly be sending my son down your way shortly. Keep up the good work guys – VINCENT

Thanks Hein for the excellent training. You have given me excellent advice on responsible riding. Considering I have never sat on a bike before, I was comfortable enough to ride my bike in Queensburgh early this morning – VEER

I meant to call you personally to thank you. I PASSED! Everything was laid out exactly the way you showed us. You are quite well known there. The first inspector asked which driving school I went to and when told him “Bike Talk”, he said you are excellent. And the second inspector who did my paper work before the test said ‘well if Hein taught you, then you will definitely pass’. So a very big thanks again. Gees, it took about 10mins tops. So a very big thank YOU again – URSULA

Thank you for taking the time to teach (Train) us, I have certainly walked away with more knowledge and better skills as well as having to get rid of old bad habits (for e.g. as I am right handed always stopping with my right foot down so I will work on this one)

What I also found great was how you could pick up by observing a student breaking hard that something was adrift in Sean’s case the front brake lever could be bottomed out against the throttle grip – WERNER

Thank you for the course, it was enjoyable and ironed out a few bad habits. It was great to see the improvement in the guys through the day. Thank you again, I will recommend this to anyone who has been riding for a while as a lot of us think we know how to ride but there is still a lot to learn – MORGAN

On a personal note, I have to thank you and Lovell sincerely for assisting me and helping restore my faith in my ability and my self-worth. Without your sanction there would have been no BMW in the offing. The manner in which you chaps go about your business, professionally, calmly and humorously, helps set the tone for a no-nonsense, but not severe, atmosphere for your training sessions.

I was nervous enough to begin with but was soon at ease with the little idiosyncrasies of the presentation. It didn’t take long for me to appreciate the fact that your approach is not only about technical issues but also about life skills. The correct approach is always going to be a life preserver. There’s still a long road ahead for me, but you have given me sufficient confidence to tackle the self-doubts head on. Without that boost I probably wouldn’t have attempted to take the BMW out for a test ride.  I’m chuffed that our paths crossed and I learned from the experts – DAVE

Went through with flying colours I even got a compliment from the tester that I did everything perfectly. The test went very smoothly because of the course I did with you guys, it was nice to known exactly what they wanted from me. Look forward to doing more with you guys in the future – ALISTAIR

Thank you for the amazing day on the Advance Course, I really learned a lot and discovered that I have a lot to learn. I have managed an extra 20-30 km/h in my cornering … Ok I am not a racing rider… and I am not interested to become one, I am just happy to have found a safer riding style – ANDREA

Thank you very much for the professional manner in which you conducted your session. To think that this morning I couldn’t ride a bike and now I can. I am not a biking enthusiast but my son is. I was so against buying him a bike for years yet he had and still has a passion for bikes. I didn’t want to stifle that passion, as I always believe that children should be allowed to explore their passions. I am at such ease knowing that he will be under your mentorship – ALLAN

Thanks Hein you definitely go above and beyond with your students. Today was definitely a learning curve.  Was great to see how dedicated you and Kevin are to road safety – CANDICE

From Medi Logistics I would just like to thank you for the training on all our riders. All of them came back and couldn’t stop talking about how great the course was and they all said that they have learned a lot from it – CORLEE

A very big thank you for your patience and understanding and most of all for an extremely informative, instructive and fun filled day. I will be back for a short 2-hour lesson on my own bike very soon. My experience has inspired other women already, so watch this space! Looking forward to many hours of safe riding ahead – CATHERINE

Would like to give feedback of my experience yesterday (14 Dec’12) on the Bike Talk Beginners Motorcycle Rider’s Course. Firstly, I definitely feel compelled to compliment both Bongi and Adriaan for the outstanding service rendered on this course. They were incredibly patient with us new beginners. They were very stern with us but yet very friendly. From word go they immediately made me feel at ease. One thing that I noticed about these two guys is that it was not just a job for them, they definitely enjoy what they do and this lends a hand to the success of Bike Talk. What I also enjoyed about the course was the fact that there were cars moving and people walking around site while we doing the course and from the outset we were made aware of what we can expect on public roads.

I left yesterday’s course feeling a lot more confident, but being new to the biking thing I know I still have a lot to learn and will definitely be back to do the other courses. On my return to school in January 2013, I will definitely spread the word to my mates at school about the experience I had, especially to those who are riding bike without a license. I now see why it is important to go on a beginner’s course to learn the basics fundamentals of a motorbike and riding. Thank you supplying refreshments on the day. It was delicious! – LUKE

As I had no prior great expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the course presented by you and your helpers.

The course content was clearly explained and kept simple enough for everybody to understand. Interspersed with safety warnings regarding protective clothing and safety handling, the technical aspects were dealt with in an interesting manner, never onerous.

The approach to the physical handling of the motorbikes engendered confidence in the aspirant learners who were mildly astonished by own individual progresses. The opportunity to practice on three different models of bike also added to interest and confidence. For myself, sometimes referred to as “Ballie” (61 years old) learning to ride a bike is definitely on my bucket list but something that has been delayed for a long time. I hope to prove the dictum “never too old to learn” in my case while I am aware that others have done it before me. Having completed the course I am fully aware that my learning starts now, with experience at the helm. I look forward to handling my own bike, with your assistance, please. Meanwhile, now to endeavor to obtain a learner’s, then driver’s license – LIONEL

Thank you so much for the Advance Course on Saturday. I rode home on an absolute high with the amount of pertinent and relevant technical information that I had learned. The course content was right on the mark, as was the individual instruction received – I walked away with a tremendous amount of insight into my own riding abilities and issues around safety and intelligent riding. This morning on my way to work I could also clearly see/feel how my confidence has increased as a result of the instruction.

As regards other aspects of the course, I certainly never expected the level of catering that was provided. The food was outstanding and plentiful, and everything that could have been thought about and catered for had been considered and provided. Please pass on my thanks to your family for their enormous contribution to the process. Please also tell your son that I am tremendously impressed with the level of maturity and authority with which he handled himself with the entire group and with giving instruction too much older people. His maturity certainly surpasses his age. Thank you once again Hein for an outstanding course. I certainly look forward to more such courses with you in the future – MARC

Thanks once again for a most enjoyable ARC. I definitely was able to pick up some good tips and will be putting these into practice. I think that the big plus for me was the fact that your courses provides me with the confidence to enjoy my bike more and to be more aware of road safety and the best way to handle emergencies should they arise – PETE

Thank you for the great course I really enjoyed it as well as learnt a lot. Will definitely be coming back for my experienced training. Have put my Facebook status to get you some more likes. LoL. Thanx again. And please give Bongi and Adriaan a big thank you as well – YOLAN

Alistair will be pleased to know that I am now keeping 3 fingers in the clutch. Got into the habit of keeping my foot on the rear brake lever and slipping the clutch in tight corners. It is amazing what the “CORRECT TRAINING” does for a person. Also got rid of the duck walk when riding slowly in confined spaces!!……….. And always turn the steering in the direction I want to go before pulling off in a corner – CRAIG

A note this short cannot truly express our sincere appreciation for all your assistance yesterday. Once again your Academy delivers and we would not have achieved the results yesterday had it not been for the great instructions from both you and Alistair. Please pass on our sincere thanks and appreciation. We are so looking forward to the SRC training on the South Coast – KIM

I had an awesome day on the bikes today. Definitely built my confidence and picked up on a few things I was doing wrong like hanging the left foot and leaning forward on the brakes. Thanks for all the help and advice; see you on the next course! – WERNER

Hi Hein, thank you very much for the course today; I hope that I performed well. I want to come for ERC sometime next month just to build a little more confidence before I buy my bike. Thanks once again for everything. Stay blessed – DRION

Thanks Hein and your team. Today was very informative. The “look where you are on your way to next” tip has opened my eyes to a mistake. I’ve been making for years. It is a wonder I still has most of my skin left! The relaxed but safe environment lets you absorb the information without panicking about everything. Hein, your demonstration technique “See now do” is perfect, when I grow up one day, I want to be like you – ANDRE

Hein thanks to the Bike Talk team. I had a gr8 time and met some good friends. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!! – RIC

Ek wou al kontak gemaak het met jou. Ek wil net vir jou en vir jou vrou baie dankie se vir al julle moeite laas week Vrydag. Claudia kon nie uitgepraat raak oor hoe goed julle haar behandel het nie. Ek het geen besonderhede van jou vrou nie, maar kan jy net vir haar ook se ons se baie dankie! – BEATRICE

I wish to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the training offered by yourself and Alistair. I am especially thankful for you accommodating me on Wednesday morning at such short notice and without any hesitation. I really and truly appreciate it. Thanks to yourself and Alistair I am now a licenced rider. Please convey my thanks to Alistair – THAILA

Ek het vanoggend gegaan vir my motorfiets toets en het ge-pass! Dankie vir die deeglike opleiding en tips. Dit was beslis die moeite werd – LOUIS

Thank you so much for your incredible teaching, patience and expertise. You made the course exciting and entertaining. I will recommend you to everyone I meet. Also compliments to your team for their professionalism. Take care and see you on the next course – ERIC

Thanx vir al jou moeite, Allan kan nie genoeg praat oor sy ervaring nie. Hy ry nou orals rond met die motorfiets. Hy sal ook die ander twee response kan aanspoor sodat ek hulle kan stuur. Weereens baie dankie – BRAAM

Just to let you know that I passed my bike test this morning. I am super chuffed and could not have done it without your training yesterday. It was the best R400 that I have ever spent!! I will probably be in contact with you in the next couple of months as I am keen to come on one of your more advanced riding courses. Thanks again for the excellent training – GRANT

Dankie vir die kursus gister, jy het werklik ‘n gawe om met verskillende mense goeie resultate te kry. Sien jou gou weer vir die K53 kursus – LEON

Thanks again for a great course!! Went out yesterday for the first time riding a Suzuki in traffic and just came back from a ride with my husband-he on his Road King and me on the Suzuki and it felt great. He bought me the Harley SL883 on Friday (it’s coming from Tygervalley since the guys up here couldn’t get me the colour I wanted) and we expect delivery by end of next week. Will keep on practicing on the S before attempting the BIG bike, but will definitely see you in about 3 months’ time for your ERC course. Keep well – YOLANDA

Thank u for an excellent training course. I really learnt a lot. The body is a bit sore and stiff. By the way convey my regards to Adriaan he is an excellent trainer. Will be in touch – DEVERAJ

I made my way to the Toyota Test Track in Eston on Saturday 26 May with a group of eight Harleys to attend Hein Jonker’s Advanced Riding Course. We were joined by seven other bikes (Super Bikes, Yamahas and some others I can’t remember). Our first test came on the approach to the test track in the form of 200m of gravel roadway. I travelled fairly slowly in third gear for the distance, didn’t apply my brakes once and arrived without incident (and without breathing). Once the training officially began we started on the top test track. Task number one was to do a controlled stop. In my fervour I thought Hein had told us to do an emergency stop. So I tore along the strip and came to a screeching halt next to Hein. I was wrong. Once I got it right I was quite pleased to have learnt to use my back brake far more often and more firmly than I have been doing, and to stop with only my left foot on the ground, leaving my right foot free to use the brake. We then did straight line weaving and offset weaving, using the technique of pushing and pulling the handlebars. I loved that! It brought back memories of bicycle riding in my youth. Other tasks set for us involved riding in a straight line, training the eye to look ahead, and riding over a rope-strewn roadway which simulated riding on gravel. After a lunch of delicious sarmies provided by Hein’s wife, we made our way down to the bottom test track. Here we were to do similar tasks, but at speed. Emergency stops, emergency stop and go, straight line weaving – at 120km/h. You must be joking, I thought. I could never do that. Well, I didn’t do it at 120 but I did manage it at 100km/h. I was particularly proud of my stop and go (emergency stop, gearing down into first, holding the bike motionless and then moving off again without putting your feet down) and earned the praise of our instructor for that.

With the weather looking grim and threatening rain we had reached the end of our very satisfying day and were handed our certificates. I left with the Durban-bound Harleys, back on the gravel roadway (breathing this time since by then I was so proficient), and back to Durbs, with a mate in front and one behind the whole way. Thanks guys. It was a great day and I HIGHLY recommend it to all newbies like me – BRENDA DANIELS (HOG Durban)

Thank you for the e-mail and the photo. A big thank you to your family and yourself for hosting us and making the training interesting, rewarding and more importantly; the learning aspect. Your understanding and patience is appreciated – SHANOJ

Baie dankie vir die kursus…ek het baie van my “mental blocks” oorkomen ek het nou baie meer vertroue in myself en my motorfiets. Ek sal ook op n latere stadium jou “skills” kursus wil kom doen, maar eers as ek dit wat ek gister geleer het, kan toepas – ANNALISE

Thank you! I certainly found your course invaluable and it has given me the confidence to go out there and enjoy myself. I will certainly be back when I am a bit more proficient and need a refresher-and when I want to apply for my licence. My son is also keen to start riding and I will insist that he attends your course – PETE

Thanks so much for the pic – it was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience with you. You have lots of patience and a very clam manner with which to teach everyone and with that you instil confidence in us. Plus great company too – the others were lovely and we had a few laughs. I have already tried the BMW – phew what a difference in weight compared to your scrambler!! Will just keep off the road for a few more tries and then I will hit the tar, but so far so good – JENNIFER

Thank you so much for the lesson the other day, I had a lot of fun and certainly learnt to ride whooo-hooo! I must say I got on my Harley and still felt a bit scared… but am sure with practise I will get there. Thank you again will recommend you to anybody and everybody wanting to learn – DALE

I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. You are a fantastic teacher and as soon as I get my bike I will be back – there is so much more I need to learn – GILL

Thank you for the photos, and thank you for a very interesting and fun filled day–I really enjoyed myself and felt like I was 18 again. We also had a good laugh which we all need!! – PETER

Just a note to say a BIG thank you for all the effort you went to in helping Tess, Brett and I to get our licenses! It was great to meet you and I have already recommended you to a few people and will continue to do so. Thank you also for the trusting us with your bike, really appreciated your faith in us! All the best, look forward to racing you sometime! – MARK

I have no complaints just compliments. It was the first time I had been on a motorcycle and was a great experience for me. I thought your course was excellently structured and perfectly carried out. I began it with absolutely no motorcycling experience and left feeling very confident. I am currently looking for a bike and look forward to further courses.  It was undoubtedly the most fun I have had on wheels. Wish I did this earlier – KIROSH

Many thanks for the great day that Ethan had with you recently. The experience and knowledge was priceless. I really believe that your teachings will make Ethan a safer rider and he will be back for your more advanced courses – STEVE

Hope you are doing well. Wanted to thank you for the excellent training I received from your 2 courses. I have purchased my bike last week Monday and have been riding since. I have done just over 450km this far. Every day I try to push myself to better my riding skills as you have advised us to do. I will see you soon for another great course – RYAN

Ricardo, Minnesh and I (Leon Jooste) from the 100s Club attended the Advanced Rider Course at the Toyota Test Circuit near Eston on Saturday, 26 November 2011.  Our tutor and instructor on the day was Hein Jonker, Senior Instructor for Bike Talk Motorcycle Rider Academy. To describe the experience in short I could say: from basic to advanced, from gear to gear-up, boots and all. To justify the awesome experience we had, on this very informative hands-on training course, I just have to elaborate a little.

Hein started to teach us from the basics of wearing the right gear to the advantages of accident prevention and when needed evasion. We discovered that tyres can talk and that there is a big difference between riding your bike and handling it with confidence. Riding a motorcycle got a whole new meaning, from stopping to swerving through traffic obstacles; from riding in a straight line to speeding down the track and bringing the bike to a controlled emergency stop. It was a well organised event at a great venue with beautiful views down the valley. We had tea, coffee, juice and muffins during the morning break and were all surprised with a delightful light lunch. All in all, good value for money.

At the start of the day we were 12 students with as many different styles of bikes but we finished the day with the sense of being wiser, more competent and grateful for having had the opportunity to have been taught by a master. I want to encourage everyone to attend this course sooner than too late. You won’t regret it – LEON, 100’s CLUB

Thank you for a splendid, educational day, I am looking forward to my next ride – PRAKASH

Thanks to you too Hein. We all thought your training was spot-on, and as I was the last one to do my test today, the examiner even remarked that we must have all had a good teacher, because we all did so well. I chatted to Fern at Motorcycle centre today and she mentioned you’d made contact with her, so I dropped a couple of positive comments about your training too.  See you around sometime, and I’ll definitely send some of my mates across to you before their tests – BARRY

Thanks a million for you excellent training and support you have enabling another of your students to pass with confidence and riding safely. Look forward to further training with you in time – STEAPHAN

Thank you for your email and the excellent training course yesterday. It has definitely laid the foundation for riding a bike safely and with confidence. I must commend you on your professionalism, extensive knowledge and the informative manner in which the training was conducted – PIETER

Thank you for the exciting riding course, it was an honour to be taught by u and I did learn a lot – LEON

It has been a pleasure learning from u n the patience that u showed to us today was beyond comprehension and thank you for conquering my fear I had towards bikes although not totally gone but now I SEE it with a different perspective n see this as a challenge. Never with I have thought that I would be able to ride within an hour flat it could have only been possible with a great teacher will make sure I read the attachments that u sent n keep as my bible towards riding. Until we meet again for my next lesson u keep doing what u doing cos ur the best – ISHWAR

Thank you from Debbie and I for a really informative and interesting day. I have to admit that I had no idea that the K53 was anything like that; there is no way one can do the test without spending time on your course – ANTHONY

I really enjoyed the day with you and the team, and learned all the good things that bikers should know about. Everything goes contrary to what you learn from your friends, and now understand how bikers pick up bad and unsafe habits – ALLEN

I would like 2 take this opportunity and thank u for putting up with me and more especially your guidance throughout and up until I finally got my bike licence. I have never seen someone who remains calm at all times even if we make stupid mistakes. Man u r the best! Thanks a million and may God bless u abundantly – SYDNEY

Thanks so much for yesterday! It was fantastic – I will definitely recommend you to other beginners, as you have such a unique ability to instil confidence. I sat on my bike this morning and didn’t feel intimidated in any way. Thank You!!!!!!! Your course content and timing is good, there was sufficient time to spend on all aspects and there was no time wasted, which is always good ‘cos I suppose that’s when people lose concentration. I can’t find fault with any part of the day so I’d say you are definitely on top of your game! – KIM

Howzat Hein, I really appreciate your help with my pre-licencing test, you were easy to work with, easy to understanding and although we were in a group the training really felt one on one. My advice to anyone out there who wants to do the LRC course, LISTEN TO HEIN and just practice whatever was thought especially observation, that is where I lost, but thanks to him I passed! – PETER

Just a quick thank you for all your help and assistance in me pass my license test yesterday. I was an absolute nervous wreck yesterday morning and I firmly believe I wouldn’t have made it through without taking your LRC. Thank you once again and may you go from strength to strength – SAM

Hein, I must say, u are 1 more than perfect, organised, super instructor. I feel more confident now & thanks a billion for the time about today’s experience, my girlfriend is happy too and hopefully she will join in sometime next year while I will be busy with my advanced training. Once again thank u so much, have yourself and your family a wonderfully Christmas and a prosperous New Year – DUMISANI

Once again a big thank you for professional rider licence training over the last month, enabling me to pass my bike licence yesterday at Marianhill, and to also witness a number of your students passing their test as well! Congratulations! I thoroughly enjoyed the two courses and without hesitation would recommend everyone and anyone hoping to ride a motorcycle on the road to attend one of your courses! I am grateful for your professionalism, dedication and commitment shown to all trainees and will certainly recommend your training, products and services to all my contacts. It was also great to have you in attendance at the test centre willing each of us on! – MIKE

Thank you for the very informative and useful session. I will definitely take the opportunity in the near future to do a more advanced session with you – GRANT

Thank you very much Hein….I could not have done it without you! I am very happy to have passed my test. I can now stop stressing and look forward to years ahead riding around in the hills of Italy, and not always on the back getting the views! We wish you every continuing success with the Academy and your dedication to safe driving. It has really been fun doing your very well organised and instructive courses – RENE

Ek wil net baie dankie se vir n wonderlike dag en n baie interessante kursus en ek sal definitief terug wees vir ‘n opvolg. Dis jammer dat dit begin reen het, want dit sou baie gehelp het as ons net bietjie langer kon oefen. Dit het net begin voel asof ek die motorfiets baas raak, toe ons moes ophou … andersins was dit merkwaardig dat jy n ou dame in 5 ure kon leer ry. Nogmaals baie dankie dit was ‘n wonderlike ondervinding – ANNALISE

I did the K53 training with you on the 27/10/2010 and went for my license test at Rossburgh on the 03/11/2010. I got my license. I PASSED!!! Just want to say thank you so much for the training and advice that you provide, I’ll be looking into the advanced riding course next; thanks once again – LEON

I just what to thank you for a great course yesterday. From Sharon and I, we found it most informative and it has increased our ability to S.E.E. We are looking forward to many hours of enjoyable riding – TREVOR

I recently completed the beginners and MRC course on 11 September 2010.  It was simply amazing. For many of us knowledge begets confidence. True confidence is subcortical- instinctive rather than conscious, behaviour one acquires through experience and practice.   The knowledge I gained is becoming entrenched in my muscle memory and will hopefully evolve to be part of my basic riding behaviour. I hope to ride with the same confidence I was made aware of at the course. Your clear and concise instruction coupled with innate sincerity makes learning easy.  For sharing your experience, imparting your knowledge and thus improving mine, I thank you – TESHUFIN

My friend and I recently done your training with you in Pinetown and we are grateful that we did this training. I say this with confidence that all learners should do this training with you as it is like having the exam answer sheet before the exam. That is what I call an upper hand. We are now licensed class A motorcyclist and PROUD to say trained by Hein Jonker.

Thank you very much Hein for your expertise and a great magazine – ERNIE

I have to admit that my son Sumir was totally overcome with your kindness and your humility. He said you were Super Cool. Thank you enough for having him on your training course today. He imbibed quite a lot of information about bikes although he did initially feel that he was on top of his game and he did not really need the training. He now feels that his bike is a bit too simple for him and is intent on working towards getting a bigger bike. He is young and potent with too much energy that complicates his focus and direction. Well, Sumir was full of praises about you and I am happy that he has benefited from your Training Course and he wants to come back for the advanced course.  I am also glad he had “Fun” while learning.

Thanks also for the lunch you provided. Thanks to Tracey from East Coast Kawasaki for referring us to you. Thanks also to Mr Govender and Jaco for being such good team mates – NIRVANA

I want to say a big THANK YOU for the training session today and may I say it’s been a privilege acquiring skills from you. You have boosted my confidence tremendously and I felt very comfortable and at ease during the session – THAILA

Thanks for your patience and encouragement.  I really did enjoy the course and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to ride – RENNIE

I was successful in the test and I want to thank you for the session I had with you. It helped me to pass this test without any problems – ROBERT

I just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express my thanks for the extra efforts you gave us on the course on Saturday.  It is people like you who make our world a better place, simply by taking the extra time it takes to ensure that all are comfortable with the content and understand it well.  I think I can safely say you were well received by all!  You stand head and shoulders above others in the facilitation field and I appreciate the time you took to care.  Once again, thank you for an outstanding job! – ELVIN

Just wanted to let you know that I had a really great time on Saturday, the manner in which you taught us is highly commendable. You took us from absolute novice stage to riding a bike with some degree of competence. For this we thank you. Thank you also for the lovely photo and pass on our thanks to Adrian for his assistance on Saturday. You both make a brilliant team. Well done – GREG

Thank you for the photos; they are great. We both enjoyed the motorcycle rider course on Saturday and thank you for your good teaching, your kindness and your patience. The pancakes were very good too! I (Leanne) was pleasantly tired at the end of the day and not without some pain, but I felt satisfied with my first attempts, although I know I have a lot to practise. We need our own bike now. I am sure we will attend another of your courses when we are ready – LEANNE and MEGAN

Many thanks for the lessons yesterday.  I didn’t think I would progress as far as I did in one day but I found your approach most reassuring. Your course was very informative and I found your approach to all your students very professional. I will take what I learnt yesterday and put it into practice here at home.  I am sure I will succeed as you instilled a greater sense of confidence in me. My husband was most impressed with the progress that I had made in only one day.  He thinks your course is very professional and is well worth your fee. We would most definitely recommend your course to anybody we know of in need of lessons. Once again many thanks – DEBBIE

Thank you too for being a good instructor to us, you instilled a great deal of confidence to us in a short space of time. Keep up the good work, really appreciated. It is on us now to put all that we learnt, into practice and be safe on our roads – ZEPH

Just want to let you know your course was good, if not excellent. Initially I wasn’t so sure if I really would pick up a lot from it. But yes I did and yesterday I rode my Harley right through traffic and had no problem at all. Confidence, that’s what you installed in me and for that I am grateful. Thanks a million – ENNO

For helpful, professional coaching and clear and constructive feedback on your riding ability I would like to highly recommend the Bike Talk training course. After not riding for years and not having my own bike I was able to pass the K53 bike driver’s test after one of the Bike Talk training sessions. Be prepared, it’s intense but well worth it! Thank you very much – MARK

Just to give you some feedback on my test, I passed and passed well only losing 30 out of 140 points. First off I don’t think I would have passed had I not done your course. My results were as follows I lost 15 points on section one, mostly balance not sure what is marked for that and 15 points on part 2, same again balance? I think he just did not want to give me a clean sheet? Just one thing, when I did my mounted pre-trip inspection he was going to fail me because I mounted the bike with no helmet, I think the reason is part of that check is to start the bike. Maybe in future just tell students for the mounted section put on your helmet. Once again thanks for good instruction – KEN

Thank you for a wonderful day and all your valuable advice and patience.  It’s a day I’ll remember for a long time. I’m off to Newcastle tomorrow to collect my bike, and am looking forward to enjoying it to the full – NOMFUNDO

Many, many thanks for such an enjoyable and informative day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much – VICKY

Thank you for an absolutely fabulous day; I really enjoyed the experience and your training and look forward to attending more of your courses in future – DEBORAH

A thank you to you as well. I really enjoyed the course (even with the sunburn). It got me from never riding a bike to being confident enough to take on onto the road – even though they’ll be the quiet local roads in Toti for a bit.  I know I still have things to work on, like the emergency stops, incline pull offs and smoother gear changes, but you’ve shown me the basics and the rest is up to me. So, thanks again, for a really enjoyable and well-presented beginner course. You’ll be seeing me again as soon as I’ve got my bike – ROB

Hein, thanks to you I am now a confident biker; don’t worry not over confident. I could not believe on the day that I arrived at your academy not knowing how to ride and after completing your course I was able to ride my heavy Harley from Gillits to Red Hill on the N3 and N2!!!! I even rode on Saturday night! This is testament to you and your course content. Looking forward to riding together soon – TRIVESHAN

Wil net graag baie dankie sê vir Saterdag en alles wat jy Tian touwys gemaak het.  Ek as ouer voel meer gerus wetend dat hy deur iemand profesioneel die regte manier gewys is.  Jou naam loop die “bike wêreld” vol en ek was baie tevrede toe ek hoor dis “Hein Jonker” wat die lesse gaan aanbied.  Nogmaals dankie vir al jou moeite en jou bedagsaamheid – CATHY

Thanks for an excellent experience. I’m sure we will do this again, and get to the point where we are experienced racers!! Someday! – TRIVI

It was great training with you – I have a lot more confidence now and I am pretty sure I’ll pass with flying colours!!  Will also have no doubt to recommend your training school to anyone I know – RIAAN

I’d like to thank you for your superb efforts and follow up etc.!  There is no doubt that without doing the course with you and your presence at the test, I would have failed as it would have taken me far longer to get familiar with the bike, safety, test conditions etc.  Money very well worth it; thank you – JAMES

Just wanted to say; a big thank you for your patience and passion for biking shown during the MRC course on Saturday. The course was appropriately structured for a novice like me. By the end of the day I was confident enough to get on bike and ride, and that is exactly what I did after the course on Saturday. I will definitely be attending the LCR course. My candid recommendation to anyone wanting to get on bike, is to attend the Bike Talk Academy MRC course – NEVIN

Thanks so much for the valuable lessons that you taught Jacqui on the MRC. Well worth it – LIZETTE

Thanks so much for your help and patience, you are an excellent teacher, take care – NUSREEN

Thank you very much for the informative instruction with regards the License Rider course. Due to your help I successfully passed my License this afternoon and will gladly recommend your courses from now on – ANTONIO

Thanks for the course. It has really helped me to gain confidence & not forgetting counter steering!! I’m gonna go look for lots of bends over the weekend to practice!! – SUGAN

Thank you so much it was great! Been riding my bike I’m far more confident, thank you for a wonderful course – MICHELLE

Thanks very much for everything; it was a great day and I enjoyed the Experienced Rider Course a lot. Have to admit I was pretty bushed by the time I got home. I would like to do this one again sometime when I have got my head around the theory. It’s not so easy changing when you have been doing things in your own way for 40 years – BRIAN

I passed my bike licence!! Your course helped tremendously!!!!!!! Thanks a million – CAMPBELL

I am really grateful for all the knowledge that was passed on by you onto us on the Experienced Rider Course. Now that I have attended the course I feel really safe riding and always on the lookout. We did have fun – ANESH

I wanted to thank you for the Knowledge, Time and Experience that you have imparted to your students. Yesterday was the License Test and I managed to pass with losing only 5 points. This is a great service that you are providing and I will surely refer my friends and family – ASHISH

Firstly, my thanks for a superb course – I NEVER expected to be riding my “black beauty” with such confidence after only a few hours – you & Martin are the BEST! Secondly, I went out on the road the next day, we scouted out the route we took around the back roads & hills of Umhlanga (constantly turning left) and I did it – again, and again, and again!  I am so delighted; I even had the confidence to ride my bike up & down my VERY steep driveway, so I can take the bike out myself.  We have planned a few afternoon rides this week to keep my confidence up, and will be doing a group ride with the Durban Ladies from Harley on Saturday so they can show me how to ride on the highway. Again, many, many thanks for “giving me wings”!! – ALISON

Met ‘n goeie instrukteur soos wat ek gehad het, hoe kon dit anders? Dankie, my lisensie is in my sak – ANTHONIE

A huge thank you to the both of you for the courses that I attended over the last two days, it was a brilliant experience and I was thoroughly impressed with the ease with which Hein was able to relate vital information that every biker should know. The course content was great and I left feeling a sense of accomplishment and with far more knowledge with regards to the fundamentals of riding. This has definitely been the best investment toward a happy biking future and I will certainly be back for an experienced course in the future. Thanks again to you both and keep up the impeccable standards – AVEN

Thank you for an excellent course! For me to have learnt what you did in the few hours with us, would have taken me years to get to experience and understand. I will see you soon for my K53 License Course – VASILIS

Many thanks to Hein and Carin for the wonderful course on Saturday, not only was it truly enjoyable and tremendously educational, it definitely gave me the confidence to overcome the fear I’ve developed for slower manoeuvres and the size of my new bike, a 650cc cruiser. Your patience, encouragement, individualised advice and that little extra push to do the “Wow, that looks DIFFICULT!” exercises gave me such a sense of achievement once I’ve realised I have done it – yippee!!  You presented the course in such a way that by just following the clear step-by-step instructions and understanding what were required the tasks was easy. Sunday I went for a long breakfast run down the South Coast and not once did I hit a panic button or not know what to do, as stern laid foundations just popped back into mind as I needed it, I never had such confidence in the 2 years of being a self-thought rider. I feel the need to challenge other girls who have ever thought of learning to ride a bike to do so, it is such an amazing feeling to be able to ride your own bike and keep up with the guys! Once again to Bike Talk, thank you so much for taking me from my crawling stage to walking – I’ll be back for more courses – ESTI

I thoroughly enjoyed my first bike lesson this weekend. I learnt to ride a bike safely although slowly while having fun as well. I must say that the greatest thing that I learnt was that riding a motorbike is not something to be taken lightly. One has to be very, very responsible and well informed about the dangers before mounting a bike. You have made me very aware of that. I will definitely be back for more of your valuable lessons once I get my licence and buy a motorbike and I definitely advise others who dream about riding a bike to attend your lessons first – KRIBEN

Thank you for the time and dedication given to us ‘newbies’, it was truly an enlightening and more so, educational experience! Some of the aspects seemed daunting before you told us to “get on and do it”, but the confidence you install as an instructor is paramount to the experience; as you said, “no pressure, no progress”! Ultimately, the pressure was a pleasure… I look forward to many more days in the saddle, practicing what you taught us. I am much more confident now that I’ve been on these two courses, and look forward to progressing onto future courses as my confidence, experience and expertise improves! Thanks for a great course and the use of your academy bike… glad no damage was done and we all walked away feeling far more confident for our biking futures! I believe that this course should be the starting point for all ‘newbies’; a learning curve I want to take further – DEREK

Thank you once again for a very well-run K53 training day, I really did enjoy myself and pick up a few extra tips on handling the BMW 1200 Adventure as well. As you know I was planning on taking the test on a smaller borrowed bike, but after your training decided to do it on the GS1200. Good news, passed first time on the Verulam testing track yesterday.

Thanks again to you and your team – NIGEL

I have bought the Bajaj 180cc. It’s proven to be the best choice for me taking into account all circumstances. Also I now have some money to buy relatively good riding gear. And now that I’m on the bike, your BRC has proven to be invaluable to me. Eagerly awaiting coming for your K53 course. Hein I just wanted to thank you for all your help, your advice was really appreciated. And it’s because of that attitude that makes you stand out from the masses – WARREN

I’ve just passed my Riders License Test, thank you very, very much for your training – GARETH

I just want to thank you for the awesome refresher course yesterday. I certainly have gained more confidence, thanks to you and Carin – CAROL

I would like to thank you and your partner for the time you have spent with us. Tonight was the first time we had the chance to get on our bikes since the course I can tell you we were whacked. I did not have that excruciating fear like I normally have and I concentrated on 2fingers on the brakes, sitting more to the side and using my head. I am satisfied with myself in some things and not so satisfied with myself with other things but I realize that the only thing that will help me now is to practice. I have learnt a lot and only by practice by riding on a regular basis and getting familiar with my bike will I be able to ride like a pro. The experience I gained was tremendous and I can justly say that everyone should go for that course before they even think of getting a license – CHARLENE

Eben Klopper wat sy kursus by jou gedoen het die 29 November 2008 wil ons net baie dankie sê, hy het sy lisensie baie goed deur gekom sonder om enige foute te maak. Ek as ouer beveel jou kursus vir enige jong biker aan, dit gee hulle meer vertroue op die pad en met hulle bikes – L MEEDING

Thank you for your experience and patients during the course yesterday. I really enjoyed the course and can feel the improvement in my riding skills. I intend building on your sound foundation until I become a more proficient rider – JAMES

I would like to thank you for the amazing course you held for us beginner riders last weekend. Whilst I have attended novice riding courses in the past, I have never been made to feel so comfortable and confident during a riding course. You instruction is pitched at the correct level and allows the new rider to learn in a relaxed and stress-free environment. You taught me a number of useful “tips” which had never been mentioned to me before and which has subsequently allowed my riding experience to be so much more enjoyable. I walked away from your course on Sunday bursting with so much confidence that I went out on Thursday and purchased my first bike ever. I am now the proud owner of a black Honda CBR 600 RR. I have been on the road a number of times now and am putting all your tuition to good practice. You have truly enriched my riding experience and I thank you for that – BEVAN

I recently purchased a new Honda 125 cc e-storm and soon after a new Honda Transalp 700 from Roy Hallet, Honda Umhlanga, whom I compliment for his speed and efficiency. I wish to express my sincere thanks for sponsoring my training course with Bike Talk. Zelda van den Berg arranged everything and made me feel very welcome. Furthermore, I found Hein Jonker (Bike Talk) to be a great instructor, friendly, patient and there was no compromise to detail. Please keep up your excellent standards – BASIL

Just wanted to say thanks again for a great course on Saturday, it was an excellent learning opportunity for me and I really had a lot of fun – BRENDON

Thank you very much for teaching Hilton to ride, he appreciates it very much and also he says thank you for taking him to Pinetown and riding and teaching him. His riding quite well all because of you – HILTON

Ons wil graag vir jou baie dankie se vir die uitstekende manier waarop jy vir ons dogter, Lize-Mari oor die naweek gehelp het om haar fietsie (scooter) baas te raak. Jy gebruik jou talente wat die Liewe Heer vir jou en jou gesin gegee het ten volle en ons weet die Here is baie trots op jou dat jy hierdeur ons kinders bystaan en die woord versprei op hierdie unieke manier. Baie dankie en ons bid vir julle uitstekende werk – CINDY

I would just like to thank you for the opportunity I had to participate in the basic course. I have benefited in so many ways by attending. It was a fantastic confidence builder. I have spoken to my friends and was surprised to hear that none of them have attempted an emergency break before despite riding for 10-15 years. From a more confident & skilled rider – NICO

Thanks again for a great afternoon of training, like you say progress is a wonderful thing. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it and learnt from the training. While driving home what you taught us about taking turns and corners made even more sense and I felt my hands clutching and accelerating on the steering wheel – NOREEN

Thanks again for a most informative day, I certainly learned a great deal – especially the 80% front brake deal! The material was well prepared, nicely presented and your instruction was most professional. I would recommend that all Harley riders do this course as a minimum requirement. I am going to get my boys together for the next stage – BRAD

I just want to say thank you very much for a yesterday. What I liked about yesterday was that it provided me the opportunity to get to know myself and my bike’s capabilities within a controlled environment. What I actually want to say is that I wish to express my gratitude to you, the marshals and the folks who prepared lunch for a wonderful day – JOSEPH

Baie dankie vir die opleiding wat ek Sondag ontvang het. Jy en jou personeel het baie waardevolle inligting aan my gegee wat ek glo ‘n verskil sal maak in my vermoee. Julle professionele benadering was rerig iets om uit te basyn. Wel gedaan. Nou vat jou regter hand en sit dit op jou linker skouer. Klop jouself, en sê, “Wel gedaan.” – JACQUES

Thanks for a fantastic day of riding experience plus a whole lot of fun. It was not only great to learn so much and become more confident on the bike but also to get to meet such a varied bunch of people.

Thanks for making this opportunity possible for me – NOREEN

I found the course to be essential for anybody who wants to be a serious biker. Although the course made me aware of my faults, bad habits and weaknesses it has also armed me with greater awareness of my surroundings, potential dangers and being conscientious of other road users. The course provided me the opportunity to get to know my bike under controlled conditions which I am grateful for. As a result I have taken my bike back to the dealers to get my front brakes checked. I loved the marshals and the course co-ordinator as they were helpful and passionate about what they do and the safety of bikers. It was a day well spent and definitely worth every cent – JOSEPH

Excellent course for beginners. The environment and general atmosphere was relaxed and fun – KUMARAN

I enjoyed the training, it gave me confidence to get on a bike. I look forward to doing further training in the future – GEELA

Thank you very much for the opportunity – I learnt a lot but I still need more training in terms of graduating to the full road course. You have managed to resolve many of my minor riding problems which could have become major blunders on the road. I still intend enrolling for the advanced course and will be contacting you shortly – thank you for instilling in me the confidence – SANVEER

Just a short note to thank you for all the assistance rendered – enabling me to finally get my licence after so long. I know that I would never have passed first time if I had not received your excellent tuition on Sunday. I think you are very professional and wish you all the very best going forward – DEREK

I just wanted to thank you for all that you taught me during the course on Saturday. My apologies for not being the best of students, there was a lot to learn even though I have been riding for so long and know/heard of the theory! And I would imagine that there is still a whole lot more to learn. I will continue to practice at every opportunity I get. I will definitely be recommending you and your training to all bikers and future bikers that I know. Thank you for helping me realise that I need to stay on top of my game in order to stay alive while doing what we enjoy doing so much…enjoying the open road on two wheels! – POOBEN

Thanks again for the experienced riders, it really was an awesome experience and I learned so much. I have been trying to keep everything you said in mind constantly while riding and have thus not only become a more confident and safer rider, but I am enjoying my rides more too (never thought it could be) – BRENDON