Q1:       I don’t have a Leaner License and want to get one before I ride a bike?
A1:          If you live in and around Durban, go to Camperdown or Winklespruit Test Centre (around 8am – 2pm Monday to Friday) and book your Learner License Test for a motorcycle. Camperdown is not that busy and you get a Test Date within two or three days. Any other Test Centre is fine but you’ll wait longer for a Test Date and the queues are longer too.

You’ll need this to book: 2x B&W ID Photos, Eye Test, ID Book/Card (and a copy), Proof of Residence, R150 Booking Fee and R60 License Issue Fee (on the day of your test when you pass)

Buy the Book

Buy the Book

Then go the Pick n Pay, CNA or PNA and buy the Learners Book retailing for about R60, then visit and pre-test yourself before going for your actual Learners Test. You can even buy the book on this website, printed or electronic. Once paid, you‘ll be allowed to log in 5 times to pre-test yourself and check if you are good enough for the real test.

Q2:       Now that I have my Learner License, how do I go about booking?
A2:          Visit the Bookings Page on the Bike Talk website and book for the BRC (Basic Rider Course); providing you have up to 3 months riding experience. Note that we have discontinued Beginner Training.

Q3:       I’ve done the BRC, and want to get my K53 Motorcycle License?
A3           After 4 – 6 months (2000-3000km) of regular riding experience on your own motorcycle, then go ahead and book your K53 Motorcycle Test at the Marianhill Pinetown, Rossburgh or Amanzimtoti Test Centres from Monday to Friday, 8am – 2pm.

You’ll need this to book: ID Book/Card (and a copy), 4x B&W ID Photos, Eye Test, Motorcycle Learner License, Doctor’s Letter of Health if you are 60 or older, Proof of Residence and affidavit if you are living with someone, R220 Booking Fee and R250 License Issue Fee (on the day of your test when you pass)

Then book for the LRC (License Rider Course) about a week or so before your test date, or consider doing two sessions if you wish.

Q4:       Do I have to use my own bike on the LRC and for my K53 Test?
A4:         Yes, we no longer provide Academy Bikes for training or tests.

Q5:       Do you provide any gear like a helmet for training?
A5:          No, please provide your own. Feel free to speak to Hein for any advice on selecting the correct riding kit.

Q6:       Do I get any discount if I repeat a course?
A6:          Our rates are very reasonably priced; the choice is yours, pay the full price and get our full attention or pay half price and only get half our attention.

Q7:       If I’m unable to attend a Booked and Paid Course, do I have to pay again?
A7:          If you’ve excused yourself from the course and unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, your Course Fees will remain in credit for a period of 30 days. If you have not attended the course during this 30-day period your Course Fee will be forfeited and you will have to book and pay again.

Q8:       Do you offer training close to where I live?
A8:          The Academy is situated in a safe area for the BRC, and LRC training sessions. This is not a portable academy but merely the best in KZN; we’ve had people from Estcourt, Dundee, Empangeni, Richards Bay, Pietermaritzburg, Kokstad, Gauteng, Botswana, UK, even from Dubai, Brazil, Germany, and Russia attending our Rider Courses. We will never be able to please everyone; we all have to make sacrifices in life some time or another to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

Q9:       Do you offer 1-on-1 training?
A9:          We do offer a 1-on-1 Traffic Riding Sessions or if you battle with something specific and need help on a weak-spot or two. This is done by appointment only, please call to enquire.

Q10:     Do you offer training on Saturdays?
A10:       We understand that it might be inconvenient for some to attend Rider Training during the week, but we have lives and families too. As a result of a recent survey of more than 800 people with a 76% vote FOR weekday training, we’ve decided to run our BRC on Mondays or Fridays. The LRC will remain as it was in the past, on Wednesdays but the ARC and SRC will be hosted on scheduled Saturdays as per our Training & Events Calendar.

Q11:     Can I do the BRC without a Learner License?
A11:       A Learner License is one of the requirements before attending the BRC or LRC. This will ensure you are legally operating a motorcycle once you complete training, and when you start riding your own motorcycle. If you need any guidance in obtaining your Motorcycle Learner License, don’t hesitate to contact us, or look at Q & A 1 of this document.

Q12:    Can I get Bank Finance with only a Learner License?
A12:       Yes you can but your Insurance Premium will be higher until you obtain your Full K53 Motorcycle License and have done an ARC (Advance Rider Course) with us.

Q13:     If I failed my K53 Motorcycle Test, do I pay again for training?
A13:       Yes, the full LRC will apply. We train you to pass, you do the failing part all on your own.

Q14:     Can I do my K53 Motorcycle Test on a Scooter?
A14:       If you do the K53 Motorcycle Test on a Scooter you’ll be licensed to ride a Scooter (automatic transmission) only. If you are older than 18, do your test on a geared motorcycle with engine capacity bigger than 125cc (150cc and up), and you’ll be licensed to ride anything. If you are 16 or 17, you may only do your test on a 125cc motorcycle and if you do it on a Scooter the same limitations will apply.

Q15:     Do you provide Corporate Training for Team Building?
A15:       Yes we’ve done this on various occasions and are more than willing to put a package together for your company and staff. This need not be on one of our scheduled training days but an exclusive day may be discussed with us in advance.

Q16:     Is there a discount for a Group or Club Booking?
A16:       Yes there is providing minimum numbers are met to justify our operating expenses. Further discounts will also apply should you want to host the day (venue and catering) at your own expense.

Q17:     What types of motorcycles are provided for training?
A17:       We’ve stopped providing training bikes. Please provide your own, or have your dealer deliver your bike to us for your training session.

Q18:     What type of motorcycle licenses do you get?
A18:       A Code A1 license covers motorcycles or scooters up to 125cc, and mainly done by riders 16 and 17 years of age. A Code A license covers all motorcycles above 125cc, 150cc and above, and only done by riders 18 years and older. Limitations mentioned on Q14 apply.

Q19:     What if I do not show up for my course?
A19:       Space on our courses is limited. If you do not attend or if you show up more than 15 minutes late, and do not provide us with at least three (3) business days notice you will forfeit your course fee. Once you have registered and paid for training, it is not refundable unless Bike Talk has to cancel a course and is unable to train you or move you to another date.

Q20:     Do you offer Vouchers for training?
A20:       Yes we do. If you want to sponsor or give a Gift of Life to someone, we will provide you with an invoice for payment on the selected Course Option. Once paid, we will issue you with an electronic Voucher; this you can send to your friend or family member. The person should then complete the Booking Form on the Training Page of our website, entering the Voucher Number in the appropriate field on the Booking Form. The Course Booking will then be confirmed by email.

Q21:     I’ve got my Code A1 Motorcycle License but now want the Code A License. Do I have to redo my Learners?
A21:       Yes, unfortunately, you will have to redo your Learner License Test before you can book for the Code A K53 Motorcycle License Test.