Our Rider Courses are designed to get you comfortable on a motorcycle and give you the Skills you need to ride with Confidence.

Please note that all our courses are geared to those who can ride - No Beginners!

Basic Rider Course: R1200

Basic Rider CourseThis is an M.S.I. Approved Course
Learner License and Own Motorcycle required
The Basic Rider Couse (BRC) or refresher, teaches you in theory and in practice, basic riding skills in a controlled environment, concentrating on a variety of street skills like lower-speed manoeuvres, counter steering, turning, swerving and braking. The BRC caters for those who are still riding in fear and uncertainty, a great starting point to discard age-old habits learned from family or friends, and to develop a set of new life-saving skills to survive everyday traffic situations. Upon successful completion, you will be issued with a Basic Rider Course certificate, ready to hit the road! Exercises are done at up to 60km/h.


  1. Moving off and Quick Stop in a Straight Line
  2. Counter Steering
  3. Weaving
  4. Moving off from a T-junction
  5. Emergency Braking
  6. Moving off on Incline
  7. Quick Stop in Turn
  8. Swerving

License Rider Course: R600

License Rider CourseLearner License and Own Motorcycle required
The License Rider Course (LRC) is geared for the person wanting to acquire his/her full motorcycle license; presented in a controlled environment covering everything you need to pass your K53 Motorcycle Riders License Test the first time. Only book for this Course close to your Test Date and only if you have at least 4-6 months riding experience or 3000km. Exercises are done at up to 25km/h.


  1. Pre-trip Inspection
  2. Incline Start
  3. Moving Off and Stop
  4. Lane Change
  5. Moving Off and Turning Left
  6. Turning Speed Judgement
  7. Emergency Swerve
  8. Emergency Stop

Advanced Rider Course: R1200

Advanced Rider CourseThis is an M.S.I. Approved Course
Own Motorcycle required
The Advanced Rider Course (ARC) teaches you how to control your motorcycle at Urban speed (40 – 60km/h), Rural speed (80 – 100km/h), and Freeway speed (100 – 120km/h), preparing you for various real-life emergency situations and how to avoid them. The course is geared for the rider who wants to get better acquainted with his/her motorcycle; discover their own abilities and that of their motorcycle. Here a Chief Instructor coaches you to safely and effectively manipulate your motorcycle to at least minimise risk or injury. The ARC should be considered when you purchase a new motorcycle, and most certainly after a crash or incident, to help boost skill and confidence levels. At least 6-8 months (4000km) riding experience is required to effectively complete this course.


Theory Session

  1. Road Safety
  2. Rider Safety
  3. Riding Gear
  4. Motorcycle Safety

Practical Session 1: Urban Speed exercises up to 60km/h

  1. Stopping: it’s not just a stop
  2. Braking: Front & Rear Brake when and how
  3. Counter Steering: 2 ways & the right way
  4. Target Fixation: to work for you, not against you
  5. Quick U-turns: no time to get lazy
  6. Hazard Avoidance: reduce and manipulate

Practical Session 2: Rural & Freeway Speed exercises up to 120km/h

  1. Counter Steering: you can never get enough
  2. Emergency Lane Change: avoid at speed
  3. Stop-n-Go: avoid rear-end
  4. Emergency Escape: separating swerving from braking
  5. Maximum Braking: scared of the brakes are you?

Skilled Rider Course: R900

This is an M.S.I. Approved Course
Own Motorcycle required
The Skilled Rider Course (SRC) is designed for experienced riders, who truly want to learn how to control their motorcycles in limited or confined spaces with skill and confidence. Exercises are done at near-walking pace, and in up to 2ndgear, where you'll discover and experience proper brake and clutch manipulation, the importance of head-and-eye movement, posture, and throttle control for effective completion of these exercises. This is an extremely rewarding course and the foundation for all USA Motor Cops. At least 8-10 months (5000km) riding experience is required.


  1. Control: Clutch, Throttle & Brakes
  2. Slow Ride
  3. Inline Weave
  4. U-Turn
  5. Keyhole
  6. Off-Set Weave
  7. Figure 8
  8. Turn from Stop
  9. Iron Cross
  10. Brake & Escape

Terms & Conditions

  1. Bike Talk reserves the right to assess and allocate / re‐allocate the student to the most appropriate course.
  2. No Refunds will be given for cancellations received within 3 days from your Course Date.
  3. A 50% payment of the original Course Fee is required, should you wish to move your Course Date.
  4. Any Refunds will be subject to the sole discretion of Bike Talk and a 15% Admin Fee.
  5. Bike Talk reserves the right to cancel/reschedule the course in the event of rain or insufficient entries.
  6. You MUST be in possession of a Motorcycle Learner License before attending BRC or LRC.
  7. Our courses are very popular; bookings are confirmed on a First Paid – First Served basis.
  8. The use of your Own Motorcycle is required to attend any of our Rider Courses.
  9. Your Own Helmet, Jeans (Riding Pants), Shoes (Boots), Jacket and Gloves are required for rider training.
  10. Arriving more than 15‐minutes late is as good as not attending; you will forfeit your Course Fee.