Bike Talk Ride to Work Week

SA Ride your Motorcycle to Work Week

Some choose to ride their motorcycles every day, some choose not to, but wouldn't it be amazing to play an active role in a national two-wheeled movement? Well, if you like riding motorcycles as much as we do, you will be. Here's your chance!

26 - 30 November 2018 is the SA-Ride-Your-Motorcycle-To-Work-Week

This is an industry joint initiative aimed at getting you back on your motorcycle in anticipation for a well-deserved long holiday of riding enjoyment.

What’s this all about?

ride to work

The folks at AMID, Bike Talk, and Xkulcha have come together, with the endorsement of the Motorcycle Safety Institute of South Africa (MSI), to support an initiative which encourages licensed motorcycle owners to ride their registered motorcycle to work in the week of 26 - 30 November 2018, and then hopefully continue on that journey into the holiday.

Many folks love riding their motorcycles, either for pleasure or to commute, but we all ride because of our common interest or passion in motorcycles, not to mention the sense of freedom that it brings.

Now is the time to get on your motorcycle and enjoy this freedom, riding past those long lines of cars, saving fuel, and arriving at your destination feeling exhilarated and the envy of those stuck in traffic.

Motorcycle dealerships throughout the country are ready, willing and able to play their role in getting your bike serviced and ready, not just for this week but for many happy miles ahead.

Maybe consider a refresher course, basic or advanced, or perhaps upgrade to the latest riding gear; anything and everything to help you get back on the motorcycle and commuting to and from work.

Check out our Facebook page, email your ride photos to and encourage your friends and family to join in this nationwide event.

What’s in it for me?

Two words: Solidarity and Safety!

By joining the SA Ride your Motorcycle to Work Week, you are joining a motorcycle movement in which thousands of people are active participants. Now that’s a lot of people power!

The more people who ride, the bigger the awareness we create. And that folks, makes public roads a safer place for all of us.

Rider safety is our primary concern, so before you participate in this movement we recommend your motorcycle receives the attention from your dealer workshop. Of course, do not overlook your own abilities and requirements in order to make this a memorable event.

How do I participate?

Note the November date and make your plans. Send us a photo of you and your bike to then keep an eye on our Facebook page as we post photos of you and fellow riders from all over South Africa. Don't forget to talk to your local dealer about booking a pre-event service and safety inspection.

Who else at your work rides a motorcycle? Who else in your building or neighborhood rides a motorcycle? Invite friends from your club, group, or chapter to join in. How about linking up on the way and riding to work together?

Whatever you do, Ride Your Motorcycle to Work in the week of 26 - 30 November 2018.