Bike Talk Motorcycle Lifestyle Experiences

Live the Life on 2 Wheels

From our home ground in Midrand, Bike Talk hosts or facilitates memorable motorcycle events in and around our beautiful province. These lifestyle experiences range from a refreshing Breakfast Run, a remarkable Day Tour, a more enjoyable Weekend Tour, to a demanding Lam Gat or Endurance Run.

We just can't wait to find an excuse to ride. Join us on an Experience below - Register today! 

See what tickles your fancy below, and be sure to join us on a Motorcycle Experience of note.

Breakfast Run

Easy yet refreshing, ranging between 300km - 600km round-trips on some of the most scenic routes, to exciting venues presented in these distances from Midrand and surrounding.

The group maintains a moderate to easy pace, comfortable for the rider on a 300c motorcycle and above.

Day Tours

If a refreshing Breakfast Run doesn't satisfy your taste for adventure, then our Day Tours will. These are geared for the more experienced rider able to easily do 1000km in a day, eagerly exploring inside and over the borders of Gauteng.

These groups are smaller and suitable to riders on motorcycles of 600c and above.

Weekend Tours

Now you're talking! A weekend away on a cross-province or cross-country tour, enjoying every single bit of the experience. Nothing beats this kind of freedom to explore and discover - two wheels with friends and family.

We try and keep our tour groups small and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Endurance Run

If you are a nutter and looking to put both yourself and your bike to the test, then the Lam-Gat Endurance Run is for you. This is a managed event, scrutinised by Bike Talk, awarding the rider for achieving the ultimate level of crazy.

The Lam-Gat can be done in an individual capacity or in smaller manageable groups.

Be sure to use the following documents before, during, and after your run:

  1. Guidelines
  2. Ride Planning
  3. Certification
  4. Ride Log
  5. Start-End Witness
  6. Turn Points Witness

Basic Rules

Different strokes for different folks, but we've learned over the years, that rules are there to keep everyone safe and to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Here's what we ask:

  • Safety: Riding in this group is not just about you, but about the safety of everyone. Endangering the lives of fellow riders will not be tolerated.
  • Language: Foul language, rude or racial remarks are reflections of poor character. Keep it clean and respectful.
  • Conduct: We are all adults and should behave accordingly, let's respect fellow riders, other road users, and the property of others.
  • Weather: A ride is 'ON' unless it is cancelled by the organiser or run coordinator.
  • Alcohol: No alcohol will be consumed on any of our events. You drink, you’re on your own.
  • Speeding: Should you want to go and scratch, do it outside and away from the group.