Welcome to a selection of Bike Talk events hosted throughout South Africa. If at any stage you'd like to take part in any of these events, simply register below, and we'll keep you informed.

Join Hein, the 1st Saturday of each month, on a BFR (Break Fast Run) to amazing venues on the KZN Coast or Inland regions. This could be our normal 300-500K or our famous 1000K Breakfast Run. Get to meet like-minded folks, visit new places and most importantly … Enjoy to Ride!

Join Hein on a Cross Country Tour to some of SA’s greatest venues and routes. This is a carefully planned trip lasting either 3-days or up to 7-days, where you will experience our amazing country on 2-wheels. If you like riding your motorcycle and site-seeing, then this is for you. Come along for the ride – come along for the experience!

The Endurance Run, dubbed “Lam-Gat”, is a test of the fittest riders out there; to ride a distance of 1610km or 2000km in 24-hours is not for the faint-hearted. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Why not find out and put yourself and your motorcycle to the test. The Lam-Gat test!

The Motorcycle Rodeo is an event that will feature Competition Riding, Xtreme X-kulcha, Mini-Drags, and so much more for the whole family. This is an event like no other; a day or weekend filled with motorcycle fun, skills display and exhibition in the South African sun. An event to not just attend, but certainly one to participate in.

Register for one of our Events

Breakfast Runs: Our Breakfast Runs range from 300km to 1000km in distance.
Weekend Tours: A 3-day Weekend and Cross Country Tour
Endurance Runs: Exploring fitness of rider and machine on a 1600km or 2000km Run in 24-hours

Any Event Fees will be discussed with you in advance.

General Terms & Conditions
1. Each Event holds its own set of Rules, Terms & Conditions, available on request.
2. Safety first and respect others and their property.
3. No alcohol will be allowed on any of our events.
4. Bike Talk reserves the right to Reject or Approve applications.