Start a Bike Talk Motorcycle Rider Academy in your area?

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most liberating feelings you could ever experience. If you are an experienced motorcyclist and have a passion for people, then why not share your experience with others. In other words, become a Motorcycle Riding Instructor and start a Bike Talk Riding School or Academy in your area. Teaching others to ride with skill and confidence is very rewarding. You can learn to teach other motorcycle enthusiasts to ride scooters and motorcycles safely and effectively so that they can experience the very same lifestyle.

Do your Research
You can not start anything until you’ve done your homework. You want this to succeed, correct? Here are some questions to consider in your research:

  1. Is there a demand for Rider Training in your area?
  2. Are there High Schools in your area?
  3. Are there enough Bike Shops or Dealers in your area?
  4. Are there Motorcycle Clubs or Groups in your area?
  5. Are there Fast Food Outlets using delivery riders in your area?
  6. How many On-Road and Off-Road Motorcycles are in your area?
  7. Are there Testing Centres in your area?
  8. Have you asked friends, family and other riders what they think?

Training Requirements
If you strongly believe this is for you, and you’ve done your homework well, then here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Find a safe unobstructed (clean tarred/concrete surface) area at a mall, school, casino, church, open parking area at the local sports club, and obtain the necessary permission to use it.
    – For the BRC and SRC you’ll need an area of about 70m long X 30m wide
    – For the ARC you’ll need a suitable Track or Vehicle Testing Facility/Circuit
  2. An on-site classroom is ideal
  3. Training equipment should include:
    – Cones (30cm high)
    – Marking Paint or Shoe Shine (White)
    – Measuring Tape (30 – 50m long)
    – Fold-up Table
    – Camping Chairs (easy to transport)
    – Plastic Glasses
    – Water Container with Tap
    – Gazebo if no natural shade available
    – Blank Broomstick
    – Portable Urn for morning Coffee etc.
  4. Course Notes
  5. Training Motorcycles/Scooters for BRC in case students don’t have their own
  6. Catering:
    – Fruit (Bananas and Apples)
    – Lots of Water
    – Muffins, Coffee & Tea in the Morning
    – Lunchtime Sandwiches (Light and Wholesome)

Immediate Target Areas

  1. Bloemfontein
  2. Polokwane
  3. Pretoria
  4. Johannesburg

Where Bike Talk comes in
Hein and his team will train and support you throughout the whole process. You will enjoy the well-established footprint through the website and social media pages, and the reputation that has been formed over the years.

Course Manuals, Training Notes, Booking Forms, and other administrative elements will be at your disposal.

Instructor training will be part of the deal, no doubt.

Franchise Owner requirements
You need to be a well-spoken individual, upstanding in your community, honest and good communicator. Language preference is English, but it helps to know Afrikaans, with Xhosa or Zulu as a plus.

You need to be a very experienced rider, having done a number of rider training courses, fully licensed and owner of your own motorcycle/s.

Submit yourself to MSI Instructor Training on the courses you wish to conduct.

You will also need a Bank Account of your own and a simple but effective accounting system, for obvious reasons.

Franchise Cost and Royalty
This you need to discuss with Hein in person. Any questions or concerns, talk to Hein.