About Hein Jonker

Hein Jonker is a Media Technologist by trade, with well over 15 years of experience in Publishing, Design, Document Workflow, and Media Management. He uses both his knowledge and 20+ years experience in I.T. and Printing Workflow to serve corporate customers, which he applies to what you see on this website and attached media platforms.

“Media Management is my passion off the Bike”

Hein has been riding motorcycles, on and off, for the last 36+ years since the age of 14. Starting off on a mining community learning from a friend, stupidly riding around in the bush without helmet or gear exploring and hunting. His first introduction to training was in Rhundu, during his military service in 1987-1988, when certain officers were issued with Honda XL350R motorcycles. That’s where it really started. Since then he has made every effort to stay in touch with learning and developing new skills whenever he had the chance and sharing what he learned with friends. Officially he only started training other riders in 2004, and then on a more permanent basis when he founded Bike Talk in January 2006.

His training started in the SA Military, years later at BMW On-Road Academy, Honda On-Road Academy, and US Motocop Skills Training. He has also done Off-Road training through Honda Adventure Academy and Country Trax, learned a lot from his own mistakes, and over the last 12 years, done extensive Research & Development on motorcycle safety, motorcycle skill and manipulation for both the Freeway and Urban rider across all motorcycle types and riders. He has also ridden and tested over 300 motorcycles since July 2004, something he continues to enjoy to this day.

Hein has been sponsored by Honda SA for 8 years (2006 – 2014) and enjoyed Brand Ambassadorships for Victory Motorcycles (2015) and Buell Motorcycles (2016), Xkulcha (2008 to present).

Hein Jonker is the Editor of Bike Talk, the Director and Chief Instructor for the Motorcycle Safety Institute of SA, a renowned Motorcycle Skills Instructor and an Expert in Motorcycle Manipulation. Over the years Hein has trained well over 3500 riders, in South Africa and from all over the world, coaching them to ride with skill and confidence.

He has written and published many Training Manuals (Road Captain Guide, Motorcycle Safety Booklet, and the BRC, SRC, and ARC Training Manuals), used in South Africa and abroad to train and develop skill among motorcycle operators. He has done extensive research and testing on motorcycle safety and skill, with more than 100 skill and safety articles published on the MSI website.

Hein is the Motorcycle Safety Expert for Arrive Alive South Africa and writes frequent articles on Road Safety matters involving Motorcycles. He is an extremely focused individual, committed to the growth and development of people riding and operating motorcycles, no matter skin colour or motorcycle type.

Hein is a very focused individual, committed to the growth and development of people riding and operating motorcycles, no matter skin colour or motorcycle type.